1. Variations
    1. While our Funeral Directors have used their best endeavours to arrive at the Estimated Total in the Schedule of Charges, certain unforeseen circumstances and / or additional requests, e.g. variations to press notices, catering or mourning cars, may result in a change to the total charge. Upon request, we will explain any fee increase or reduction.
    2. Changes to this Funeral Service Agreement, whether written or verbal, must be made by the person authorising the funeral and will be invoiced accordingly.
  2. Terms of Payment
    1. Payment of the Funeral is not subject to the granting of probate or reimbursement from any Workers Compensation claim, Insurance Funds, Superannuation Funds or any Government Department, e.g. Social Security or Veterans Affairs.
      1. Unless prior credit arrangements are made, we will require a minimum of 50% deposit by the date of the funeral service.
      2. Following payment of the deposit, we will require the remaining balance to be paid in full 21 days from the date of invoice
    2. Invoices associated with Non-Attended Cremation Services must be paid in full before the cremation will take place.
  3. Methods of Payment
    1. Cash, cheque, direct deposit or EFTPOS. Please note a credit card processing fee of 1% will apply to all Visa and Mastercard payments. (American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted)
    2. If payment is being made by the Public Trustee, Estate Administration Company, a Solicitor or Legal Firm, we will require a letter of guarantee listing Horizon Funerals as the payee with an available fund limit.